Mindset of a runner (actually my mindset)

What crosses your mind during your most challenging runs and what keeps you going?

This year has been what I call 'Hellacious'. This can mean “astonishing,” which sounds pretty positive. Then again, it can also mean “difficult.” Sounds appropriate for 2020, doesn’t it?

In all my 40 something years, I think I have learned the most about myself this year. It has been a great year for most part but there has been some horrendous moments which I hope never to relive.

During my most challenging runs there are a number of things that keep going. First and foremost not just with running, I 100% always aim to complete anything that I start whether that's a course (study) I'm no longer enjoying  or a 10k run I'm struggling with. The quote by Napolean Hill ' A quitter never wins and winners never quit' hits the nail on the head everytime. Unless, the game is no longer worth playing anymore.

The most important run I've had to quit is the Capital Ring Run with my good friend Hasan and this was due to a severe injury. I have never felt anything like this before, and rightly needed to quit.

Lots of things keep me going when I'm struggling:

1. Being accountable - I've told you I'm doing this, so let's get it 🀩
2. Thinking about the pain my dad went through in his last days with Prostate cancer. 😭
3. That medal! We all want that medal of accomplishment. πŸ₯‡
4. I've started this so I need to finish it. ♠️
5. Thinking about what other people in unimaginable circumstances are going through. πŸ™πŸΏ❤

I strive to continue to build a growth mindset. I have been interested in this for a number of years. One of the most basic beliefs we carry about ourselves, Carol.S. Dweck an American Physhologist, found in her research, has to do with how we view and inhabit what we consider to be our personality. A “fixed mindset” assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static givens which we can’t change in any meaningful way, and success is the affirmation of that inherent intelligence, an assessment of how those givens measure up against an equally fixed standard; striving for success and avoiding failure at all costs become a way of maintaining the sense of being smart or skilled.

A “growth mindset,” on the other hand, thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities. Out of these two mindsets, which we manifest from a very early age, springs a great deal of our behaviour, our relationship with success and failure in both professional and personal contexts, and ultimately our capacity for happiness.

For more info, please check out Carol. S. Dweck's books or

Mindset works - Science

Until next time 🀘🏿😊


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