Joining a running community and meeting fitness pals

Run Higher Collective - Battersea Park

The running community continues to amaze me. I have always been someone that has been into fitness from school days but as it happens, you can fall out of it as you begin to have other interests or as in my case; went to University and spent my weekends shopping and partying 😊 
Big Half Marathon - March 2020

Three years ago, along with my friend Gosia, we joined the Adidas Running Community running with the women from their Brick Lane studio in the evenings. As we became more confident in running with groups, we joined their Monday evening runs which consisted mainly of male runners but extremely welcoming; following on from that as we felt more comfortable running in groups and longer distances, we joined the Saturday long runs which was anything over 10km up to training for marathon distances. Everyone that we came across in all the groups were friendly and supportive, which is what I have found in all the other running groups I run with (Tenzing – Thursday evenings, Advent Running – Track on Tuesdays at Mile End, Runners Needs, Asics and many others). Running groups are a great way to find support when you first start running. 

Adidas Runners 

As a new runner, it is easy to feel alone. But on the other hand, some people prefer to run alone and hate the idea of running in a group. For me over the last few years I have benefitted so much from group running in terms of fitness, confidence in running races and running further than ever before. This year, having the confidence to apply for my first Ultra 50km, which has now been postponed till June 2021, which is GREAT as I am injured now 😊. Win Win!! 

Another great reason to be part of a running community is it helps if you plan on running races. Often the people that are part of the clubs also enter races and you can train together, which is always a great help. 

Adidas Runners Saturday Long runs

Joining a running club is one of the best things that I did to progress my running over the past few years.

 Benefits of joining a running club

 • By joining a running community, you surround yourself with like minded people, enthusiastic and experienced people who will support one another on those difficult long runs especially.
 • You can see what others who started off like you, can do now. 
• The clubs will encourage you to vary your training (e.g. long runs, interval training, tempo runs, trail running). Training by yourself can sometimes mean that you do the same things day in day out, same ol’ pace and routes! Don’t worry we’ve all been there; but with a club you get to try a variety experience with support and advice.
• Develop new friendships with people who share the same passion for exercise, running and maybe other things too. 

Advent Running- Track Tuesdays at Mile End

I then joined the infamous Instagram 17th June 2018 where I have since made many running friends, many that I have never met in person, but we communicate as though we have known each other for years. I think the most important thing not just online but also in person is to be open, supportive, and kind. My mum always used to say, if you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. This is so true!

Until next time 🀘🏿😊


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