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First XC season done ... what did I learn?

* XC - short for Cross Country  Who would have thought that I would be running XC much less completing a whole season?! When I wanted to get into trail running, XC and being part of a team was never in the plan. But why not?! Well because when I watched XC videos everyone and I mean EVERYONE looked like they were running at 100mph. Honestly, that is probably the main reason why joining a team never crossed my mind. But with reading and researching lots (I do love to research everything before I make my move), it came to light that actually it wasn't all about speed. There is much more to XC running than you see in photographs. Last event of the season was here If you have read my previous blog about joining a team and why representation matters to me then you will know that I will always put myself out there if it means creating a path and a way for others to take part. With everything I do, I hope to empower women by staying true to myself and a

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