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My Journey through Race to the Stones 2023

In this blog post, I share my journey overcoming obstacles, the moment I thought ‘ Should I quit ?’ and why I kept going. Race to the Stones is a 100km race that goes from Lewknor (in Oxfordshire) to Avebury (in Wiltshire). It follows the 5,000 year old Ridgeway footpath, ending at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Avebury stone circle. My journey started from London Paddington to Swindon. But you could argue that it started when I booked the race in December 2021 😜. I had a lovely catch up with Alice before I boarded my train.  This was a race that we planned to do together in 2022 but it just wasn't meant to be. All is not lost as it allowed us to have our own experience with two completely differently journeys. ✨️  I booked into Campanile Hotel in Swindon which is about 30 mins from RTTS finish line where I needed to catch the shuttle bus in the morning of the race. I rested for a bit then decided I needed to get up and go and find my dinner and breakfast. 

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