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Coaching The Outrunners Youth 13 - 19

     Photo credit: @s_e_b_w I was blessed with the opportunity of being asked by CEO and Founder of The Outrunners, Tyler Williams-Green (@tylerwilliamsgreen) to lead on the Outrunners Youth 13-19 running club. This was an amazing opportunity as I have worked with young people in an education capacity since 2004. My experience in teaching young people and those with Special Educational Needs ranges from English, Employability Skills to GCSE PE. I taught 14 – 25 year olds and on the adult provision too. Our amazing CEO and Founder Tyler Williams-Green  Prior to the programme starting (during lockdown 3), the planning had already started with The Outrunners Youth designing their own programme in terms of what they would like the club to look like and what goals they would like to work towards. There were lots of zoom conversations, ideas shared and also fear and anxieties.      Photo credit: @tylerwilliamsgreen The charities aim for the youth is to nur

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