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Cross Country Running – My first but definitely not my last!

- What is cross country running? Cross Country running may sometimes be abbreviated as XC as you will see on this page. XC is an event in which individuals and teams run off-road on a variety of terrains which can include single track, undulating, grass, river-crossing, mud, woodlands, flat ground etc. XC is for all abilities. In the same field you’ll find elites, complete newcomers, veterans and juniors. No medals are awarded as you cross the finish lines, instead team scoring is based on the finishing positions in each race of the series. Information on England Athletics website - Cross Country - Athletics & Running   -  Why? I have always loved watching and reading about runners of cross-country of all ages. Looking at the terrain it is similar to trail running and if you know a bit about me, then you would know that this is right up my street. I first started reading about XC back in 2019 and wanted to join a club. With one thing or another, I just c

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