What next after 100km week RTTS🤔

So since that awesome challenge of Race to the Stones, I have continued with my weekly training sessions created by Jake Keast.  The intensity has increased since the last week and more strenght work including hill sprints sessions😝.

The training plans have given me focus and consistency in my running journey during lockdown as it has meant that most of my runs are done solo. Prior to lockdown, I was running with a number of running communities including Advent Running, Adidas Runners and Tenzing Clean Air Run club.
Photo: Three Mills Park- using the track like area for base run

To get my strenght work completed in the past, I used Youtube and really enjoyed Fitnessblender.com workouts. 💪🏿.

Onto other news, Fractel (design outdoor wear for runners and adventurers, originating from Queensland Australia), but now also have a London based club,  contacted my via Instagram and wanted me to put together some words for their online blog! Such a wonderful opportunity for which I said yes of course☺🤩. The link is here: Fractel blog.

Photo: Mile End Park for hill sprint

Saturday 18th July, I had the pleasure of joining Run Higher Collective coached by Jane Vongrorachoti and Mika Takahashi in Battersea Park. We took part in a strenght and mobility session💪🏿🏃🏿‍♀️. Absolutely loved the session which was finished off with some hill sprints! 😨🤣
Photo: Battersea park for Strenght and mobility session Photo credit: Liviu Andrei Enache


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