Finale of Race to the Stones 100km virtual

So the big day has arrived! Can't believe it has come round so quickly, neither can I believe that I would still feel so good. I have had an awesome week with lots of new learning and great support from the running community and my closest running pals. I really wanted to challenge myself and also raise money for Black Minds Matter UK, who provide therapy and mental health support. They connect black individuals and families with free professional mental health services across the UK.

Todays task was to run 10km to complete the challenge. My route was through South Quay Waterside which is not far from Canary Wharf and around Mudchute. Beautiful view of Canary Wharf and it's surroundings.

I also decided that as today was a celebration of what is possible, I was going to have a private party, listening to music during the run rather than a podcast. I listened to my favourite dance hits from the 80s and 90s RnB. The sun was shining beautifully and I felt good. 

I completed the first 5km in 27:34 so I said to myself let's get under 60mins for the 10km. During this week, I completed 10km between 1hr03 and 1hr10 as I wanted to run easy.  It was pretty hot this morning but I managed to finish in 1hr exactly. I'll take that 😉.

I'm pretty surprised that I still feel OK and not overly tired. I have been sleeping well all week. One niggle which I had and always have is my right ankle which get inflamed after long runs. I managed that by icing it after the runs, and always used deep freeze patches on it during every run. If you have never tried the patches, they are awesome and provide relief for up to 3 hours. 

I would also really like to thank Jake Keast (@jakekeast_tri) who I have worked with over the last 6 weeks and has created training plans for all those weeks and a great plan for this challenge! Thanks Jake😌.

Few lessons that I have learned:

* I can push myself further than I think
* I can drink more water if I really want to and should continue to do this
* Life is tough, but I am tougher
* The support from the running community is greater than you can imagine
* Planning and preparation works for everything
* I really enjoy running on my own, I still enjoy running with others but I am motivated enough to go out and get it done.

* There are many amazing motiviational podcasts out there. Just when you think you can't just listen to Lopez Lomon's epic story of tragedy and hope - through Nike Running guided run app

The last or should I say the first 6 months of 2020 has been one that I will never forget. I have lost loved ones, close famiy friends and left a job after 13 years; lets not forget the Global Pandemic called Covid-19. But we must persevere, I know it is hard and I have my good days and bad days, but eternally grateful to still be here. ✌❤👊


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