"Short Tales of Empowerment: Celebrating #WearTheDamnShorts with Sweaty Betty"

Sweaty Betty are back with their amazing campaign:

Me, Gabby Logan, Gloria 

Wear the Damn Shorts’ became a popular hashtag in March 2021 after personal trainer Georgina Cox went viral with a post on Instagram, where she urged women to wear shorts. ‘As the weather continues to get warmer please know you DO NOT need to wait until your body looks a certain way to wear something, you deserve to NOW!’ she wrote.

Personally, I know it is completely normal to have insecurities about wearing shorts, or any other item of clothing especially since many people feel self-conscious about certain parts of their body. I for one struggle to wear shorts and I always have to be a word with myself before I put them on and proceed to leave the house. It is something I have never spoken about. 

I can count how many times I have worn shorts out for running that's cause it's not that often:

- Race to the Stone 100km
- Cross Country races (definitely not the first 2 races of the season!)
- The Speed Project (for about 2 hours!)
- Probably a few other times.

You are probably wondering why?
Well I am guessing that you most likely haven't noticed or cared but I have a lot of scars on my legs especially my knees and shin bones/lower legs.  These happened at various times in my life but mostly between the ages of about 5 to 15 years old. From sporting activities mostly! The other scars are from bites e.g Insect bites like mosquito. Yes, I get bitten all the time here in the UK and have often have to get antibiotics from the GP to help reduce the swelling and get rid of any infection. If you have ever been bitten then you know the score already lol.

So Sweaty Betty's campaign is one that I absolutely love. I know the feeling of wanting to wear or do something but feeling embarrassed or ashamed to.

Meet the women - some of the incredible women that are here to inspire us all and take us on a journey with them.

Photos taken from Sweaty Betty's website
Find out about all the other women and hear their stories here.

#wearthedamnshorts, aims to encourage women everywhere to embrace wearing shorts this summer and actually,  whenever you feel like it! 

Everyone has insecurities, and it's important to focus on what makes you comfortable and confident. So if that's wearing leggings when I run then so be it. 

When it comes to running, it's important that you wear something that fits well and you can move in freely and comfortably without feeling restricted – or judged. You should wear what you want and be confident about it. 

I had a fab time attending a supercharged empowering event on Friday 3rd May 2024. Let me tell you, although it was pouring down with rain, that did not dampen our spirits what so ever. There was a feel-good cardio (all the feel good women inspired music you can think of!) session led by Georgina, Move your frame instructor. Gloria and I had an absolute blast. Move like there's no one watching, carefree, vibes on vibes and just women having a beautiful time.

Captured beautifully by Gloria 😍

High energy, beautiful film of women sharing their stories of what this campaign means to them in a way of empowering them to #wearthedamnshorts. There was also an amazing pop-up photo booth! Just an all-round event full of joy!

Still on Cloud 9!! The amazing Natasha 😊

Big thanks to the Sweaty Betty team: A Morning of Chats, Dances, and Fun!" I had an absolute blast being surrounded by these inspirational women. Had the pleasure of actually chatting to Gabby Logan!!! Omg... I mean wow! I am a huge fan and obviously watch athletics so I feel like we've met before ☺️🙏🏿. 

Forever grateful and hope that this campaign continues to empower us all to #wearthedamnshorts ✌🏿 together ❤️ 


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