TSP training Blog - February edition

January lasted 7 years and February went by in a flash! Hope 2024 has been good to you so far 😊

Week 1: 1st – 7th February

Seen on my run 🏃🏿‍♀️ 
Morning weight training in the gym + Evening trail run at Hampstead with team Frontier London. This session was the exactly one that I joined Frontier London back in November 2023. OMG… based on that feeling, why am I back cause that was a real struggle. Well, let me tell you I almost QUIT within the first 10 minutes of this run as I felt there was no way I was going to make it to the end. Actually felt quite disappointed that I felt this way. The start of any run is always a huge challenge as it take my body at least 20 minutes to not feel so tired. DAMN. Luckily I was running at the back with a lovely guy called Russell whose pace was perfect once I managed to catch up with him after that ‘almost’ melt down. We stayed together all the way through and he paced it perfectly. I mean we were never left behind by the group as there were regular stops mostly at the top of the hill ahahah. All together an amazing run once I got into my rhythm and groove. Oh yes, don’t ever forget to charge your headlight!!

To try and get more out of my week, I am going to bring my long run to earlier in the week and see if I can get more out of my Friday. Although I don’t work on Fridays which is the reason I do my long run then, what I have noticed is that I would feel exhausted after the run and sometimes feel.

Saturday run – planned to complete a half marathon but the body just didn’t have it today. To be honest almost quit 3 miles in but I knew if I didn’t get it done today it will have to be tomorrow so I put on some good music on and soldiered on. I managed to run 11 miles and called it a day. 11 miles is a good long run so still grateful.
Final met league race of cross country season with team Harrow. F**K that felt like the hardest run of my life! The mud was the worst I had ever experienced. Happy that I overtook a few of my competitors and didn’t get over taken in the 2nd half of the run. Can’t believe how quick the season has gone (Oct-Feb). Please to say the women’s vet team won our division. Proud and that mud struggle was totally worth it. 
Week 2: 8th – 14th February

Weight training + long run 13.1 miles + yoga: After not hitting the mileage I wanted last week, I was focused on getting the half marathon completed today. Although the rain was horrendous all day, it was a great run. The plan

Monday track with my beautiful sole sisters. Managed to clock almost 5 miles. The most I have done on the track in a while. Not too speedy but consistent pacing. 1 mile and then 60 secs recovery and go again. Amazing how quick the time flies.
Frontier London Central London speed sessions. Unfortunately my food didn’t digest properly even though I ate 3 hours prior which meant towards the end of the session, I didn’t do some of the speed work. Still managed to get in just over 7km so win, win.

Beautiful photos captured by Pierre

Week 3: 15th - 21st February

 Long run Thursday! Loving it so far. Planned 10 miles today as we have a long run with the team on Saturday.

 Gym session in the morning (whole body workout)

 TSP simulation session at Victoria Park with the team and Coach Davy. So lovely to have Frank join us who is running TSP solo. We also had amazing support from some other members of the running community which was awesome.


Gym session in the morning (whole body workout) + treadmill hill walk for 25 mins after a high mileage week.

Gym session in the morning and track in the evening. Track session with my London Sole Sisters focusing on 1km repeats which is 2.5 laps on the track. This is also recovery week so was happy to run semi easy and always a great opportunity to catch up with the team. Lovely to see Seyful on the track training with his club Serpentine, burning some laps on the track! So incredibly inspiring.

 10 mins morning Yoga then I visited my tried and trusted doctor to have a look at my knee which I has a steroid injection in back in January 2023 to support my rehab work after having a fall in January 2022– more info on this can be found in my blog here. Had a scan on both knees for comparison and also looking back at my last x-ray I received some great news. I have made huge progress on strengthening my knee which actually did not require a steroid injection. Instead Munir recommended hyaluronic injection which keeps your joints lubricated and move well.

Week 3: 22nd - 29th February 

This last week of the month consisted of lots of walking and upper body strenght training as advised by the doctor after the injection. 

A great cut back week opportunity and just focus on continuing to build strenght.

Garmin stats for February (all taken with a pinch of salt!)

Thank you for reading and following my journey.  Always happy to hear your feedback and comments.


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