Energy Bytes Bringing the Energy and Flavour!

I tried these Energy Bytes for the first time in December 2023. As part of my fuelling plan whether it’s a road race or trail run, I like to carry a variety of gels, sweets and real food so that I can have a choice of fuel during the run. My usual go to sweets are your typical haribos or jelly beans.

The main purpose of fuelling is to consume something that will give your body the energy it needs as you deplete in it, the longer the run goes on. Hearing about Energy Bytes and its benefits, I wanted to see if it actually works. There are many things out there with so many claims and with social media, we often just try things because of what people tell you about it, which can be a good thing but also not everything is for everyone.

I am always excited to try new fuel as we all want the best out of our runs. I tried the Energy Bytes on a number of social runs as I trained for my Country to Capital Ultra. The gummies are caffeine powdered and the one I had was the mixed berry flavour. I was pleasantly surprised as it just tasted like a gummy sweet but as my run progressed it gave me the boost I would have needed in a gel. Great thing also was that they are not too sweet, there is 15 per box and you can take it alongside other running fuel that you take.

As a trail runner, I often pack things like soreen malt loaf, salted pretzels, electrolytes, mini cheddars. Pleased to say that having the Energy Bytes is a great addition and an alternative to gels or caffeine based products.

A wholly positive experience incorporating Energy Bytes into my fuelling strategy. It’s always exciting to discover new products that can help enhance my performance especially when they deliver on their promise. The fact that they're easily digestible and provide a noticeable boost without being overly sweet is definitely a plus, especially during longer runs like Country to Capital Ultra, which I completed in January 2024.

My approach to fuelling has always been to carry a variety of fuel options, including real food, alongside traditional gels and now Energy Bytes. This feels well-rounded and tailors to my needs as a trail runner. Variety in fuelling options can help keep things interesting and ensure I am getting the nutrients and energy sources my body craves during those endurance efforts.

Having a product that not only fuels your performance but also tastes good can make those long runs feel a bit more enjoyable.

Find your Energy Bytes on their website or through Amazon using the links above.

Let me know what you think in the comments and I am always happy to answer any questions 😊 


  1. I would love to try these now before the gym.


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