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Since returning to running from a 5th metatarsal fracture in February 2021 I am always on a lookout for running shoes that have good support, cushioning and good grip. I have also tried to improve my running form so that my foot landing is more mid-foot rather than a heel strike. I love running shoes with great cushioning to protect my foot from all the road running that I do. Shoes that make me feel like I am bouncing and floating are ideal, as they make me feel like I am working less hard, especially on long runs.

From the very first run, which was an easy 45 minute session, I could feel the energy return and tons of cushioning on my landing. The support and cushion around the ankle really helps to improve the comfort and fit. I re-laced the whole shoe as I have wide feet and noticed from my first wear (which was a walk) that they felt tight across my midfoot (only on my left foot). Once I re-laced them, they were perfect! I should have done this in the first place, but you live and learn.

When it comes to colours and running shoes, give me them all! So, I obviously love the design of this multicoloured shoe. The most important thing for me in a pair of running shoes is comfort. I need shoes that I can put on and forget about and not feel a thing (except for comfort). The wave foam in these shoes provides increased stability with every landing. It is not called Mizuno energy for nothing! It’s worth mentioning that Mizuno have added 5mm of ENERZY foam onto the forefoot and 3mm onto the heel compared to Wave Sky 4 – this has reduced the offset from 12mm to 8mm, which not only increased the softness and cushioning but makes it a smoother heel to toe transition. Another really important element for this shoe is the fact it has an all-foam midsole (with no Wave plate) and is quite stacked. This means it is a lot closer in feel to a HOKA shoe, as an example. A great option for those that prefer a softer, more luxurious feel.

Running threshold at 5k pace, the shoes felt so comfortable I couldn't feel them! Great push off the ground and literally feel like I'm floating. They’re great for tempo, but I would say I felt most benefit on my longer runs. In terms of fit, I wear size 6 normal shoes but my running shoes are size UK 7 and they fit like a glove. They are mid-weight trainers and comfortable for long distance running. On my longer runs, they felt snug and secure and even when I started to feel sluggish towards the end of the run, there was absolutely no discomfort in my feet. If you have suffered a foot injury like me, or have weak ankles, then it is important to find running shoes that give you confidence in your sport. I have walked and ran in this pair, so they are great for both disciplines and probably other sports too.

I have completed over 35 miles in these shoes and I even decided to wear them for the London Marathon. They are extremely durable with plenty of room in the toe box and a padded heel to help reduce blistering. I would recommend this shoe to any type of runner, especially if comfort and cushioning are high on your list of priorities.

Edit: I did complete London Marathon in them! 

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