Black Trail Runners (BTR) Trail Running Workshop with Centurion Running

I was so delighted to be offered the opportunity to attend the first BTR workshop facilitated by Centurion Running! The workshop was in Wendover Woods, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on 27th September.  I had never even heard of this trail nor had I been to Buckinghamshire before.

I drove down and the journey took about 1hour15mins. Wendover Woods is easily accessible by train but I definitely thought it made sense for me to drive. I arrived with just minutes to spare. I am not a fan of the M25 but had no choice but to use it to get there. Pleased to safe I got there with no problem.

The session was well planned and in a huge community hall which allowed for us to be socially distanced and we had to wear a face mask for safety. The location looked amazing but before we could go out running we had to complete the workshop delivered by James and Rachel.
From Centurion Running 

I love to write so I took lots of notes of course and was just so excited as all the information was making me feel better prepared for my Lea Valley 50km in November! 
From Centurion Running 

The workshop covered a range of topics from writing a training plan from footcare to running jargons.  Yes! Running jargons cause there are so many of them that we come across every single day!
From Centurion Running 

Lots of key takeaways including nutrition planning for a 50km or any other races which I have been thinking about.  I have a really sensitive stomach so always very cautious about what I consume on long runs. Having a chat with Rachel Dench during the trail run, she suggested some useful food for fueling as I like plain food during my runs... so soreen loaf, cheese sandwich or ham sandwich and the obvious sugar treats like Haribo as I don't really like gels. She also advices that I could stop and have a look to see what is available during the run as there will be a wide variety to choose from. I also like to use electrolytes in my water for any runs over 21km.

James talked about training zones which is something I have been trying to get a better understanding of. It's important to think about the perception of effort and something that I find often disrupts this is GARMIN! I have developed a bad habit of just looking at my pace constantly. I often have to put my watch in my pocket to focus on something else. 

Training zones involves  listening to your body, being able to run at the same effort and just go on feel not on what Garmin is telling you.

ZONE 1 - Recovery (max 40 mins or around 4 miles)
ZONE 2 - Endurance/Aerobic. These are long runs that feel sustainable. Be aware of your breathing (spend 80% of your time here)
 Polarised effort/ train easy
ZONE 3 - Tempo/Marathon Pace. You shouldn't train too hard in this zone and not too often
ZONE 4 - Threshold/ LTP (Lactate Turning Point). Massive boost of fitness 5-10 effort.  30 - 40 mins max (speed work)
ZONE 5 - VO2 Max Anaerobic  training.  Shorter races (speed work)

For Strenght and Conditioning, Rachel gave us some great tips:
Lunges/ Single leg exercises
Plank variations
Core workout to strengthen your core
Stationary workout with 2 tins of beans and use your arms as if you are running but stand still.
Foam roller!!!

Thank you to our BTR founders who supported us on the day (Sonny, Rachel, Donna and MJ) along with Centurion Running crew James Elson and Drew Sheffield along with our awesome photographer Phil Young.

Lots to take away on the day and I feel ready to write my own training plan! First thing first, let's get Virtual London Marathon out the way on 4th October with some of my @strongertogethercrew. So looking forward to this. Been a while since I've seen these guys. 

Background info on Black Trail Runners: BTR are a community and campaigning group that seek to increase the inclusion, participation and representation of black people in trail running. (Ref: taken from Facebook page). Follow them on Facebook and instagram @blacktrailrunners or/and

One of my goals for 2020 was to do more trail running and run an Ultra so really happy to be on this journey and planning some trail training in various parks over the next few weeksπŸŒ³πŸƒπŸ‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ˜‰
I will be wearing my new Fractel cap! Along with my Stronger together crew new t-shirt . So exciting!

Photo credit from BTR:  Sylvie, Sonny Peart and Donna Richards.  Thank you😘😘


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