Training for Race to the Stones 100km Virtual

Training up to Race to the Stone 100km Virtual run 

Throughout the Global Pandemic otherwise known as Covid-19 in 2020, I continued to run albeit solo and virtually with friends. I had planned to run Manchester Marathon in April, but obviously that has been postponed to October 2020, but may not actually happen, but we sit and wait, alongside continue to train. In March I completed the Milton Keynes 20 miles in 3 hours 28 mins and I was very optimistic about finishing Manchester Marathon in under 4 hours 30. That would have been a dream come true. My last marathon was Chelmsford Marathon in October 2019, which I completed in 4 hours 55 mins.

So since lockdown, I continued to run, enter many virtual races for motivation and that shiny medal of course! In that time I also discovered One Track running club which is based in Battersea but they had gone virtual with live audio runs and live video Strenght and Conditioning sessions and more. This was great as at times , music was not enough to keep me going. I also discovered Nike Running Club guided runs through the app. All of these were motivating factors in such a down time.

In June I was lucky enough to be offfered some coaching sessions (virtually) by Jake Keast via Instagram. Jake is a British triathlete. He has represented Great Britain in European and World championships. He is currently studying Biological Sciences at University. He has been great in preparing weekly training sessions including strenght, speed, core and interval work. It has been great to follow a plan as this is not something I have really done before. When you run with a club, we just usually attend the sessions and go with what the coach has planned for everyone and you go at your own pace. He also helped me put together the plan for the 100km week for Race to the Stones challenge. Training as been going really well and I have really enjoyed and benefited from actually doing the strenght work which is something I and (some runners) do not focus on quite as much as running.

The race begins tomorrow Monday 6th July and I have 7 days to complete the 100km. I have a few other friends also running the same distance and a few others running the marathon and half marathon distances. The entire distance can be completed in one day or split across all seven days, or anything in between, the choice is yours!

As part of this, a friend and I are jointly raising money for Black Minds Matter UK. Their mission is to support in making mental health topics relevant and accesible for all black people in the UK. They hope to fulfil this by connecting black individuals and families with free professional mental health services acrosss the UK.

Here is my plan for 6th - 12 July, but will see how each day goes and move things around if needed.

Monday  - 12km + 11km (double run day)
Tuesday  - 16km
Wednesday - 11km
Thursday - REST DAY
Friday - 12km + 12km (double run day)
Saturday 5-6km (nice and easy)
Sunday - 20km - 21km to finish off

If I want a slightly easier final day I may add 1/2km to the other days if I feel good. Will see how the week goes.



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