Day 6 - Race to the Stones 100km virtual run

The penultimate day of this amazing challenge!👋

On my plan today was to run 5-6km and have 20-21km to run on the last day. From the start of the run I had my mind made up that I did not fancy running a half marathon on the Sunday. So everyday this week (except for my rest day which was on Thursday), I tried to add 1/2km to my runs, here and there to chip away at that Sunday mileage. After my run yesterday, I had 24km to go to hit that 100km. 

I set off at 9am this morning, I would usually have set off earlier, but after yesterday's double run totalling 25km, I was so tired this morning. The plan was to run at least 14km so that would leave me with 10km for the final day.

I wanted a different route today so I set off along the Regents Canal starting at Mile End, then Haggerston Bridge, Kingsland Bridge, Whitemore Bridge, Rosemary Branch and New North Road. I ran 7km in one direction and turned round to come back to hit that 14km. The canal was slightly busy as usual with walkers, runners and cyclists. It wasn't too bad when I turned round to run back. The canal has some beautiful views and history (see photos below).

My podcast of choice today was Runpod with Jenni Falconer. I listened to her talk to Adam Gemili and then another podcast talking to Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes. Col. Dame Kelly Holmes is a two time Olympic and Commonwealth, gold medal winner as well as a European and World Champion medallist. In addition to her track success, she has served an impressive military career climbing ranks to Colonel status, she has 'HGV driver' as a skill on her CV and for the last 10 years, she has held the 800m British record. In this podcast, Kelly gives us a taster of what it feels like to stand on the winner's podium, how running 'just for fun' compares to competing. This podcast is a hugely motivational and inspiring episode.

In Jenni's discussion with Adam Gemili, he talks about switching from football to sprinting in early 2012 and by that summer was representing GB at the Olympics. They discuss the excitement, the nerves, and the relentless training schedule as well as what kind of running he does in his free time. 

Really enjoyed both podcasts today and I have watched both athletes on the track which makes it even more relatable, listening to someone that you watch compete on the big stage.

I cannot beleive this challenge is almost over and I still feel good. I thought by now I would be an absolute wreck. So the total now stands at 90km/100km with one day to go. Bring it on!!!💃💕


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