Day 2 - Race to the Stones 100km virtual run

Another early start as I love to run in the mornings, if you didn't already know 💕

Today's plan is to run 16km which would bring my total so far to 40km/100km. I ate late evening yesterday so didn't feel hungry and I made sure to drink lots of water. So this morning I set off with no breakfast but had some water, to stay hydrated. 

I had a working meeting scheduled for 9:30am and several other meetings throughout the day so it was important for me to get the run done early so that  I can rest later.

Podcast of choice was Runpod again with Jenni Falconer. Today I listened to Calum Best talk to Jenni about what he has been up to during lockdown. If you have never heard of Calum, he is the son of George Best who was a Northern Irish professional footballer who played as a winger, spending most of his club career at Manchester United. Jenni and Calum discuss setting goals, running in lockdown, the importance of preparation, getting in the right mentality to run, Calum's health journey since arriving in the UK, from California and what keeps him heading out again, again and again.  This was a huge motivational listen and totally relatable.

 My second Runpod was Jenni talking to the amazing Anna McNuff, a real life adventurer. Anna has so many great tales to tell and they are all facinating. She started out as an elite rower and both her parents are Olympians in the event!!! She talks about the most incredible challenges she has completed, including running barefoot and completing the Race to the Stones challenge with very little training losing 9 toenails!!!... and obviously what she learned from this. Another great Runpod which I highly recommend you listen to.

Route today was via Canary Wharf  Thames Path up to Wapping high street and back home to bring in 16km. For the last 5km, I was feeling fatigued and stopped in a local Tesco to buy a bottle of my favourite orange lucozade. I probably drank it a bit too quick and felt sluggish, but within 10 minutes, I felt better and banked my lovely 16km.

Run done for today and back to work life and meetings! Yayyyyy!!

Bring on tomorrow.


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