About me

Hi I'm Trina and I am a 40 something year old Londoner. I have always had a love for sports from my Secondary school years; this included track and field, basketball and badminton. I started running again in 2015 and racing in 2017 starting from 5k moving up to 10ks and so on. I truly believe that anyone can run a marathon if they want. And I'm proof of that, as I ran my first 2 marathons in 2019.

The reason why I wanted to start a blog is because I love to run and I enjoy writing especially documenting my runs whether they are good or bad. This reflections helps me prepare for my next run. I have made many friends within the running community and also inspired a number of people to run so my hope in writing this is that I continue to inspire and help other people.

My goal is to champion the jouney to a healthy, more active life where honest fitness and well-being is more accesible to everyone without losing sight of the real lives we lead.

Join me as I continue to try out new things and take on new challenges.


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